Gone to Texas

During the first half
of the nineteenth century, “Gone to Texas” was a popular phrase used by
Americans immigrating to Texas for economic opportunity and hope to make a
fortune.  As the Americans came west, en
masse, they brought money to invest, and built wealth that circulated to the
furthest Texas frontiers.

During the first half
of the twenty first century, Texas remains a place for economic opportunity and
hope to make a fortune. Today, Texas is a place where the rule of law allows
anyone to manifest their greatest potential and fulfill their dreams. Texas
attracts business by maintaining predictable regulation, an expanding consumer
base, low tax rates, and a legal system that allows the mitigation of legal
risks. Anybody from anywhere can come to Texas and seek their fortune.

Texas has the highest
volume and concentration of new business investment in the United States, and maintains
a rate of economic growth of over twice the national average.  En masse, Americans are coming from
California and every other U.S. state to enjoy the business-friendly
environment to build businesses and new ideas, to move up in their careers, or
simply to get a job or to get out of debt. It is not just Americans flooding
Texas with wealth.  Texas has more
immigrants from Asia and Latin America starting businesses than any other
state.  Texas has more individuals
receiving investors’ visas than any other state.

Mexico is no exception.
Texas has a long history of being attractive to Mexican investors due to the
overlap of physical infrastructure with Mexico and established cultural ties
among hundreds of thousands of families and businesses.  Today, recent legal and tax reforms in Mexico
are leaving huge amounts of money uninvested in the Mexican economy.  As the regulations to implement reforms are
slowly established, Mexican corporations and business owners are establishing
growth strategies.  Much of the money has
gone to Texas, and is generating new wealth.

Despite the welcoming
business environment of the State of Texas, there are pitfalls, and very
expensive costs for unwary businesses without corporate counsel. Fortunately, a
business can avoid substantial risks and costs, and effectively compete with
proper planning catered to its operations, relationships and goals. However, commercial
and corporate governance is a fairly specialized area, and new businesses must
select and work with business attorneys who are experienced in commercial,
employment and intellectual property law matters.

At the Vethan Law Firm,
we are business lawyers who serve entrepreneurs and growing businesses from
dozens of states of the United States and foreign countries, from Florida to
California, from Pakistan to Peru, and from across Mexico.  The Vethan Law Firm, P.C., is an AV
Preeminent rated law firm, is within the top two percent (2%) of law firms in
the United States, experienced in the boardroom and the courtroom, and with
regulatory agencies. 

With officers in
Houston and San Antonio, and licenses in Texas, California and North Dakota,
the Vethan Law firm serves Texas’ high technology sector and service industries,
businesses serving the Eagleford Shale, and the historic business centers in
the energy industry.  In any industry, a
business’ or entrepreneur’s first steps into Texas should be carefully
measured, lest the phrase “Gone to Texas” lose its popularity.  At the Vethan Law Firm we welcome the
opportunity to serve businesses as they expand or relocate to Texas.  It is our pride and our passion.

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