Getting What You’re Owed Part III: Are Illegal Deductions Being Made From Your Paycheck?

When getting your first paycheck it may seem like your
employer deducted a sizeable portion. Unfortunately this is somewhat true with
the various taxes and deductions they are legally required to take out.

Your take home pay will be much less than your gross income,
however your employer’s are not allowed to deduct whatever they feel like. As
an employee it is in your best interest to know if your employer is taking
illegal deductions out of your paycheck.

First, let’s take a look at what your employer is legally
require to and legally allowed to take out of your paycheck.

Required Deductions

Your employer is legally required to take out State and
Federal income taxes from your paycheck. They are also required to deduct
Social Security and Medicare contributions These make up the bulk of all
employee’s wage paycheck deductions.

Optional Deductions

Your employer is allowed to make additional deductions to
your paycheck with your consent. These optional deductions are for things such
as insurance premiums, credit union payments, pension contributions, charitable
contributions, and employer sponsored retirement contributions.

Gross Negligence

If your employer finds that you damaged company property or
purposefully stole from them they can request that the cost come out of your
paycheck or they can take you to court.

Property damage is a fine line for an employer to walk.
Without proof of negligence it is hard for an employer to state that you
damaged the property with intent. General wear and tear to the company property
does not constitute the need for a paycheck deduction.

All Other Deductions

If you begin finding deductions on your paycheck that don’t
fall into one of the categories above, ask your employer for an explanation.
There could be an explanation for them but more than likely the deduction is
illegal. If it’s not legally required or consented to by you, it is most likely

If illegal deductions are being made from your paycheck, it
is recommended that you hire a labor lawyer to dispute these deductions and
get you what you’re owed.

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