Getting What You’re Owed: Know The Minimum Wage in Texas

Getting What You’re Owed: Know
The Minimum Wage In Texas

 Every worker in the United
States is entitled to a minimum wage. Minimum wage increases periodically and
is dictated by the federal government. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per
hour. This rate is effective for the first 40 hours per week that an employee
works. If the employee works over 40 hours then overtime pay is required.

Minimum Wage in Texas
Each state has its own minimum wage amount but the starting minimum wage has to
be at least $7.25 per hour. Some states have a higher required minimum wage.
Texas has a minimum wage of $7.25, which is the required federally mandated
amount of wages. They do not have their own minimum wage law but instead, they
defer to the federal amount.

Who Makes Minimum Wage?
There are many positions that pay minimum wage like store clerks, secretaries,
janitors or security guards. Wait staff has a lower minimum wage because the
position has the perks of tips generated by servicing customers. The minimum
wage for wait staff is $2.13. The employee keeps all his or her tips, but if
the amount doesn’t equal the overall, federal minimum wage of $7.25 then the
employer has to make up the difference.

What is Overtime?
When a worker is required to work past their standard 40 hours per week, they
are entitled to overtime pay. This pay applies to every hour worked above the
40 per week. The first 40 hours are often referred to as straight time, and
must be calculated separately from overtime. Overtime cannot be averaged over
several weeks. For example, a worker that has 35 hours one week and 45 the next
has to be paid the five hours overtime for that second week. It cannot be
averaged over the two weeks or applied to the previous weeks missed time. A San
Antonio overtime attorney knows exactly how overtime should be calculated as
well as the laws designed to protect employees.

How is Overtime Calculated?
Only actual hours worked are calculated when adding up a full, 40-hour work
week. Overtime doesn’t apply to weeks that the employee had days off for
vacation or sick leave. Overtime pay is calculated at one and one-half times
the wage paid to the employee. If the employee makes the minimum wage of $7.25
then that employee is entitled to $3.63 on top of their regular pay. This
amount is $10.88 for overtime hours.

A Houston overtime lawyer will be able to help if you believe that an employer
hasn’t paid you the amount required by law. No employee should worry about
getting the money they are entitled to receive.