Dishonest Partner Pounded for $50 Million

The Vethan Law Firm, P.C.
(“VLF”) is pleased to announce that a Harris County District Court recently
entered a $50 million judgment in favor of our client, a minority shareholder
in a regional placement and staffing company that placed personnel at various
pipeline and steel yards across the United States.
Our client filed suit because he was excluded from management,
deprived from examining the books and records of the company, and discovered
that the controlling shareholder had taken company money and assets for his personal
use, including buying lavish properties in the Texas Hill country, his personal
home, and taking exorbitant trips to Las Vegas with his friends. In this case,
what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas.

VLF’s business trial attorneys also discovered the controlling
shareholder used company money to pay over $3 million on his personal credit
cards over a few short years, and used company money to pay members of his
family a salary, when they did not work at the company.
The case is now set for final judgment against the remaining
Defendants, and VLF has requested a wind down of the company, including the
liquidation of its assets.
VLF’s business attorneys once again show that Texas law requires
corporations and businesses to be run with transparency and fairness to all its
partners and shareholders. If the company fails to do so, a VLF attorney may be
on the other side.