Houston’s workers have built it into a world-class city, from the oil and gas sector, to cutting edge medical and high tech facilities. Know your rights as a worker, individually and collectively. Contact us today!

3501 Allen Parkway
Houston, Texas 77019
Phone: 713.526.2222

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San Antonio

The workers in San Antonio’s hospitality industry have made the city a destination for convention-goers and families from all over the country. But if you are employed in San Antonio and you believe you and your co-workers are owed overtime and unpaid wages, call us.

8700 Crownhill Blvd., Ste 302
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Phone: 210.824.2220

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Austin is known for its quality of life and a high-tech economy based on a pro-business attitude. But if you are an employee in Austin and believe you or your co-workers are being denied overtime, contact us today!

106 E 6th St Ste 900
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512.236.8888

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Dallas is known for its diverse economy and pro-business attitude, and its workers have put it on the map as a glamorous example of what can be accomplished with hard work and a “can-do” attitude. But let’s make sure your paycheck includes all those extra hours you put into your jobs. Contact us today!

5307 E. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75206
Phone: 972.485.2222

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